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IBM BPM – Logging in Debug Level

Marie 09.01.2015

To show output from the log.debug() used in Server Scripts in BPM, tracing has to be enabled on the application server. Go to your admin console and select “Troubleshooting –> Logs and trace” from the left hand side. Then select your Application Server and click on “Change log details levels”. Add “WLE.wle_javascript=all” to the trace […]

Disabling SSL v3 in DataPower

Robert 18.10.2014

A bug has been found in the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 cryptography protocol (SSLv3) which can be exploited to intercept encrypted data sent between computers and servers in a “man in the middle” attack. Researchers at Google have detailed how this vulnerability can be exploited through what they call a Padding Oracle On Downgraded […]

Details of the New IBM DataPower Gateway

Robert 17.10.2014

On October 1st IBM released a statement of direction outlining plans for a new appliance based on a modular architecture. The new appliance, named IBM DataPower Gateway, can be configured with B2B, Integration and ISAM modules, providing the functionality of the current XG45, XI52 and XB62 appliances in a single device. The new appliances will […]

Datapower Firmware v7.1

Robert 17.10.2014

The latest firmware for IBM DataPower appliances, v7.1 will deliver new standard features such as Kerberos S4U2Self functionality and an increased XML names maximum, but will also provide support for optional B2B, Integration and ISAM Proxy modules. Users with existing XG45, XI52 and XB62 appliances (see the list of supported devices below) will be able […]

IBM Announces Next Generation of DataPower Appliances

Robert 17.10.2014

IBM has released a statement of direction that outlines plans to deliver a renamed and enhanced IBM DataPower Gateway appliance. The new single appliance will utilise an extensible and modular architecture to offer the functionality that is provided by three existing products: WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway XG45, WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 and WebSphere DataPower […]

DataPower and the Shellshock BASH Bug

Robert 26.09.2014

IBM DataPower is not effected by the environment variable vulnerability known as “Shellshock”. IBM has published a Technote on the topic: DataPower does not use Bash anywhere. Hence it is not impacted by any of the Bash vulnerabilities. In particular, DataPower in all editions and all platforms is NOT vulnerable to the Bash vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-6271, […]

Serialization of a DataObject

Frank 24.09.2014

Imports import java.io.ByteArrayInputStream; import java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream; import java.io.IOException; import com.ibm.websphere.bo.BOXMLDocument; import com.ibm.websphere.bo.BOXMLSerializer; import com.ibm.websphere.sca.ServiceManager; import commonj.sdo.DataObject; import commonj.sdo.Type; Serialize a DataObject to a XML String, “DataObject bo” contains the BO: ByteArrayOutputStream outputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); String stringBo = null; Type type = bo.getType(); String rootElementName = type.getName(); String targetNamespace = type.getURI(); // entferne unnötige Zeichen // […]

Create DataObject

Frank 24.09.2014

Create a DataObject from namespace and ComplexTypeName. Imports import com.ibm.websphere.bo.BOFactory; import com.ibm.websphere.sca.ServiceManager; import commonj.sdo.DataObject; Create DataObject BOFactory boFactory = (BOFactory) ServiceManager.INSTANCE .locateService(“com/ibm/websphere/bo/BOFactory”); DataObject myBo = boFactory.create(“myTargetNamespae”, “myComplexTypeName”); Change DataObject myBo.setString(“myAttribute in myBo”, “myValue”); myBo.setBoolean(…); … myBo.getString(“myAttribute in myBo”); …

Inflating Compressed XML with DataPower

Robert 16.09.2014

When sending large amounts of XML data in a message, it is often preferable to compress the XML and attach it as a base64 string, rather than adding the XML directly in the message. This can, however, create problems if the content of the compressed XML must be read during the transaction. By using the […]

Bean-Managed EJBs

Frank 30.04.2014

There are situations in which a transaction cannot be completed in the maximum transaction time specified by the Application Server. To increase this time no container-managed beans can be used but rather a bean-managed bean. This is done as follows: @Stateless @TransactionManagement(value=TransactionManagementType.BEAN) public class XXX { @Resource private UserTransaction userTransaction; @Resource private SessionContext sessionContext; public […]

Calling a Portlet From a Portlet

Frank 30.04.2014

A portlet calls another portlet that is placed on a different page. The calling portlet generates a URL in the associated processAction method and sets a parameter to be transmitted. The generated URL will appear as a link on the JSP page of the calling portlet. If the link is clicked, the other portlet is […]

Calling a Portal Page From a Servlet

Frank 30.04.2014

There are many situations in which a servlet has to generate a URL for a portal page. Examples are the generation of a URL on request of a servlet and sending this URL by e-mail, the connection of external systems and jumps to certain portal pages, etc. Requirements: * The servlet must be deployed on […]

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